Fall 2019 Office Hours


Dennis Feehan

Room 202, 2120 Piedmont

Office Hours: email feehan†{at}berkeley.edu for appointment

Currently Teaching: Demography 260

Joshua Goldstein

Room 204, 2120 Piedmont

Office Hours: W by appointment, email erlanger{at}berkeley.edu

Currently Teaching: Demography 210

Jennifer Johnson-Hanks

Room 484 Barrows

Office Hours Vary by Week: sign up at


Currently Teaching: Demography C126 (=Sociology C126)

Leora Lawton

Room 360 Barrows

Office Hours: Th 3-4

Currently Teaching: Demography 198

Ayesha Mahmud

Room 208, 2120 Piedmont

Office Hours: M, Tu 11 a.m.-12 noon

Currently Teaching: Demography 110

Carl Mason

Room 206, 2120 Piedmont

Office Hours by Appointment: Sign up at




Sarah Croyts

Location: Demography

Office Hours: email sarahcroyts{at}berkeley.edu for appointment

GSI for Soc/Demog C126

Ethan Roubenoff

2120 Piedmont, Tea Room

Office Hours: M, Th 1-2 and by appointment

GSI for Soc/Demog C126

Skyler Wang

Location: Sociology

Office Hours: sign up at


GSI for Soc/Demog C126

Leslie Root

Location: Demography

Office Hours: W 2:30-4 p.m.

GSI for Demog 110

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