Will Dow

Health economics, mortality, work-family policy in the United States, aging. Latin America and the Caribbean, healthy aging, social welfare policy, global health.

Jennifer Johnson-Hanks

Culture and population, intentions, uncertainty, epistemology, history

of population thought, family, fertility, gender,

life course. Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dennis Feehan

Social networks, survey methods, quantitative methods, mortality,

causal inference, computational demography. Brazil, Africa.

Josh Goldstein

Mortality, fertility, aging, social inequality, mathematical demography, economic demography, quantitative methods. United States, Europe.

Mara Loveman (Chair)

Comparative and historical sociology, political sociology, ethnoracial

politics, development.  Latin America. 

Ayesha Mahmud

Infectious disease modeling, environmental change, health demography. Bangladesh,

Africa, Central America.

Research Faculty

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Affiliated Faculty

Demography Faculty Emeriti