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5            Fundamentals of Population Science

24          Freshman Seminars (Various Topics)

88          Data Science and Immigration 1950 - present

98          Directed Group Study

110        Introduction to Population Analysis

C126      Sex, Death, and Data

145AC    American Immigrant Experience

160        Special Topics in Demography

161        Population Apocalypse in Film and Science

C164      Impact of Gov't Policies on Poor Children & Families

C165      Family and Household in Comparative Perspective

C175      Economic Demography

180        Social Networks (undergraduate)

198        Directed Group Study

199        Supervised Independent Study

C200      Population and Society

210        Demographic Methods: Rates and Structures

211        Advanced Demographic Analysis

213        Practical Computer Applications for Demographic Analysis

215        Current Research Topics in Demography

220        Human Fertility

230        Human Mortality

C236      Aging: Economic and Demographic Aspects

240        Human Migration

241        Immigration: Economic and Demographic Aspects

250        Mathematical Demography

256        Fundamentals of Population Theory

260        Special Topics in Demography Seminar

C275A    Economic Demography

C280      Social Networks (graduate)

296        Proseminar in Research

298        Directed Reading

299        Directed Research

301        GSI Training

601        Individual Study

602        Individual Study for Doctoral Students


Fundamentals of Population Science

This course provides an accessible introduction to the social science of demography. The course is organized around cases in which population issues raise policy or ethical dilemmas (example: China's one child policy). Through these cases, students will learn how demographers use models and data to acquire knowledge about population. Throughout the course, students will also learn to read, interpret, evaluate, and produce tabular and graphical representations of population data.