Demography Seal Information

The Demography seal was designed by Kenneth Chew, a UC Berkeley student who completed his MA in Demography in 1982 and his PhD in Sociology in 1983.


The stork stands for fertility, the reaper for death, the rocket for migration and the teapot on the top of the crest signifies the departmental tradition of three p.m. afternoon tea and cookies, a time for faculty, students, visitors and others to take a break and talk informally about whatever they are working on or feel like talking about.

Kenneth Chew, now a Professor in the Department of Urban Planning at U.C. Irvine, also has left the Department of Demography the legacy of a series of styrofoam cup doodles of famous demographers that remain on display in our office.

Thanks to Erik Smith, Demography Ph.D., class of 2002, for this bit of departmental lore!